Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dreamtime Tincture

My most widely used product is the Dreamtime Tincture. The remedy is used to help a person fall asleep. It has gone through many iterations and now even has several different formulas based on the different needs. Below is the receipt for the basic tincture. 

Basic Dreamtime Blend
1/2 part Kava Kava tincture
2 part Lavender tincture
1 part Echinacea root tincture
3 part Passion Flower tincture
2 part Valerian Root Tincture

When dear Kristina was pregnant she asked for a modified version of the Dreamtime tincture to help her fall asleep. The Kava Kava mixture had always been too strong for her so we did a little experimenting and came up with this lovely mild blend that worked well.

Irie's Mommies Dreamtime Blend
1 part Echinacea root tincture
1 part Lemon Balm tincture
2 part Lavender tincture
2 part Valerian Root tincture

For those folks with more serious insomnia I have a Dreamtime blend that is more aptly named "Knockout Drops". This is not a blend for most of us and I only offer it after the standard doesn't work. There are two strengths here because one time the first one just wasn't enough. 

Ninja strength has me drooling on my pillow in only a few minutes and I wake up feeling groggy and achy.

Knockout Drops Ninja strength
6 parts Basic Dreamtime tincture
2 parts Valerian tincture
1 part Kava Kava tincture

I have never taken with Godzilla strength myself. 

Knockout Drops Godzilla strength
6 parts Basic Dreamtime tincture
2 parts Valerian tincture
2 parts Kava Kava tincture

After my first early attempts with kava kava I found that the tincture was just overpowering in nearly any dosage. I now make the tincture in the typical way but always cut it 50/50 with un steeped alcohol to store and use.

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